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Plastic Money: Canada to start using polymer for banknotes

The Harper government announced in its 2010 budget that starting in late 2011, Ottawa will replace Canada’s paper-cotton bank notes – prone to wear and tear – with synthetic ones that last two to three times longer. The changes are … Continue reading

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Make Sure Your Packaging Makes a Second Impression

“The Power of Packaging Doesn’t Stop at the Store Make Sure Your Product’s Vessel Makes a Brand’s First (and Second) Impression” source: Ad Age, Author Steve Kazanjian In his article, author Steve Kazanjian states that “In today’s fragmented marketing environment, … Continue reading

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Reuse or Dispose: One-time Use Plastics

Do you wash disposable containers or bottles and reuse them? Do you drink hot coffee or tea from a disposable plastic cup? Have you placed a takeaway container into the microwave and seen it melt? If the answer to any … Continue reading

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