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Let them eat Plastic: Hybrid & Bio Plastic

An interesting article published in the Globe & Mail recently: Sustainability Let them eat plastic SHELLEY WHITE Special to Globe and Mail Update Published Tuesday, May. 10, 2011 5:00AM EDT “To illustrate the environmental benefits of his company’s products, Solegear’s … Continue reading

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Chicken Feathers into Plastic?

The BBC recently reported, following a study reported at the American Chemical Society meeting in the US, that feathers might be able to be used as a basis for plastics lead to more environment-friendly, lighter plastics. Each year, more than … Continue reading

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Sugar Cane, Corn in New Plant Plastics

Bio-plastics have been on the news radar this year with several high-profile companies making headlines with new plant-based or bio-plastic packaging. These news plastics are made or combined with corn, wheat, tapioca, or even potatoes – making them more biodegradable. … Continue reading

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