Colorful & Cute Easter Packaging

In the spirit of pastel-colored little bunnies and colorful daffodils, we rounded up some neat Easter chocolate and candy packaging we've seen:

1. Route 20 Keepsake Purses
Gourmet candy company Route 20 called on Hartung Kemp (link: to design this Easter value brand for Walmart. It's colorful, fun and playful. For both brands, detailed illustrations depicting character-driven stories were created, which transformed the candy packaging into delicious little keepsakes to be cherished long after the treats inside were gone.

2. Easter Monster Egg Truck
Conceived and sold by large retailer Woolworths in South Africa - this rigid plastic keepsake box doubles as a toy truck!

3. Dolci Preziosi Eggs
In classic Italian style, these Easter eggs come wrapped in branded and fully graphic, flexible metallized film - a sure-fire way to get attention from the kiddies!

4. White House Souvenier Easter Eggs
Made out of wood, the White House 2011 official souvenir eggs are environmentally-friendly.
Stamped with the signatures of President Obama and the First Lady, these eggs are crafted from Forest Stewardship Council-certified hardwood. Inks are vegetable oil-based. The packaging - printed carton is easily recyclable and has also been designed to minimize waste and environmental impact, helping to create a ‘greener’ Easter egg and Easter Egg packaging.

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