Earth Day 2011: 10 Ways to Live a Little More Green

"Earth Day, April 22, has inspired and mobilized individuals and organizations worldwide to demonstrate their commitment to environmental protection and sustainability."
By making small changes in the way you live, cook, commute, consume and purchase, sustainability becomes a lifestyle and an effortless contribution to the movement.

+ Produce Less Trash - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Landfills are over-packed and filled with hundreds of items that will never biodegrade - while most of the things we throw in the trash can either be recycled or reused. Be aware of your trash and try to reduce.

+ Use Reusable Bags for Shopping Apparently 88.5 billion plastic bags were consumed in the US alone last year. And it takes four times more energy to make paper bags. The best choice is reusable shopping bags made of cotton, nylon or durable, mesh-like plastic.

+ Use Cold Water for Laundry About 90% of the energy used to do laundry goes toward heating the water, so unless your clothes are grimy and filthy, use cold water which works to clean and refresh your laundry just fine.

+ Hang Clothes to Dry Next to the refrigerator and some flat-screen televisions, the clothes dryer is the biggest energy-hogging appliance in the house. Besides, on a warm day when when the sun is shining, clothes hung to dry will be sun disinfected and fresh.

+ Get Mail Electronically & Pay Bills Online Cut the mail clutter and save some trees! It's super easy, efficient and convenient to take care of bills online.

+ Grow a Vegetable Garden What a great way to save money, cut the chemical use and save tons of energy. Some veggies are super easy to grow like asparagus, garlic, beans, lettuce and tomatoes.

+ Unplug 'Phantom' Energy Suckers About 75% of the electricity used by home electronics and small appliances is used while they're turned off. That's crazy! Go around your house and unplug things not in use - that goes for cellphone chargers and toasters too!

+ Turn Off Lights, Computers When Not in Use What an easy way to save electricity - just turn things off that you aren't using!

+ Cut Down on Water Use By simply turning off the faucet when brushing, watering lawns after the sun sets and saving rainwater with a rain barrel, you can really make a difference in water consumption.

+ Keep Electronics out of the Trash E-waste is a big environmental problem these days. Be sure to recycle and donate electronics including cell phones and computers. Search online for resources in your area.

For more ways to live green, check out Billion Acts of Green

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