Sell More Products With These 7 Packaging Tips

By JoAnn R. Hines, Packaging Diva via

"When consumers go out to shop it’s your job to convince them to buy your product. With the wrong packaging or one that doesn’t properly convey the message of what is inside you are fighting an uphill battle.

Think of packaging as your silent salesperson. What message are you projecting?

Here are 7 things you can do to ensure your product packaging is on target with your core customer and delivers the right message to the right audience.

1. Take an honest look at your product packaging. Is it working to your product’s best advantage? Are there changes that you have put off making due to lack of time or money?

2. Give your product packaging to an outsider to review. Ask someone who knows nothing about your product and your packaging to evaluate it.

3. Go to at least five different retail outlets and look for comparable or competitive products and assess their shelf appeal. Is there a particular characteristic that appeals to you? It could be colour shape, innovative design.

4. Step back from your product on the shelf at least five feet (that’s where most people will see it.) Does your product stand out among the competition or is it awash in a sea of sameness same color, same size same shape?)

5. Walk the isles outside your product category. Look for crossover innovations that can be utilised in your existing product. Look for new or interesting ways of packaging a product.

6. Review trends and predictions for your industry. Is your product packaging in line with where the industry is going?

7. Last but not least think about ways to improve your product packaging. Make it easier for the consumer to use, find, carry, store, open, dispose of, reuse or find important information about your product.

Whether you can accomplish all seven tasks or just a few, the most important issue is that you decide to move forward one packaging step at a time.

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