Reusable packaging is one of the most cost-efficient ways to provide added value to consumers who are more likely to purchase products they can keep and reuse, thus reducing landfill waste.

All of CuBE's reusable, durable and versatile food containers can be customized with company logos, phone numbers and web addresses. Your company information can be attractively embossed onto container lids - a cost-effective and efficient way to build brand loyalty and create incentive for repeat business!

The Sustainable Difference

CuBE Plastics containers are manufactured with the highest-quality, virgin food-grade plastic making every one reusable, recyclable and toxin-free.CuBE’s innovative manufacturing process allows for a more sustainable and lightweight product than comparable food containers on the market. By using newer technology, significantly less plastic is used to make CuBE containers, yet quality is uncompromised. As a result, each container maintains its shape and durability allowing for a long life of multiple reuse.

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