Amazing Reuses of Plastic Bottles

Billions upon billions of plastic bottles are produced, consumed, and trashed each and every day in North America alone and only a small percentage are recycled while a huge amount sit in landfills.

The following are some amazing examples of used water bottles being reused:

1. Richie Sowa’s Spiral Island floats off the coast of Mexico atop 250,000 plastic bottles. The plastic island is completely self-sustaining and is classified as a ship with the freedom to float wherever Sowa would like to go.

2. A little plastic bottle boat crafted by the owner and employees of the Rain Tree Lodge - an eco backpacker’s hotel on the island of Viti Levu in Fiji. The boat is built out of plastic bottles and a layer of foam, held together with glue. The boat can remain afloat supporting three large Fijian men as they paddle around in it.

The Rain Tree Lodge’s owner hopes that his experiments and designs can be used by Fijians to make use of the many plastic bottles being discarded in the country.

3. Students from Clark Montessori High School gave a helping hand in the construction of this cool project that includes over 1000 2-liter plastic soft drink bottles as its walls.

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