Make Sure Your Packaging Makes a Second Impression

"The Power of Packaging Doesn't Stop at the Store Make Sure Your Product's Vessel Makes a Brand's First (and Second) Impression" source: Ad Age, Author Steve Kazanjian

In his article, author Steve Kazanjian states that "In today's fragmented marketing environment, packaging is far more than a product's vessel; it is the physical manifestation of a brand experience and an important part of a brand promise. As such, packaging should be a critical piece of a brand's integrated communication strategy."

Considering that 100% of a brand's purchasers interact with its packaging - it is a moment for marketers to create a brand impression.

5 Tips to deliver the rich experiences consumers seek and earn their loyalty:

1. Integrate packaging into your communications strategy.

2. Design for in-home shopability. Do your products stand out in a crowded pantry or freezer?

3. Aim for the "past-purchase" list. Good packaging helps earn loyalty from online customers.

4. Package your talent. The consumer products world is littered with beautiful packaging designs that were too impractical to make, and ineffective packaging that was easy to manufacture. Striking the balance between good design and practical packaging takes a careful blend of consumer insights with marketing, manufacturing and design talent.

5. Observe. Become mindful of the subtle language of packaging. When you buy something, what about the packaging helped make that product emotionally relevant?

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