5 Re-uses for Take Out Containers

Because they're so durable and versatile - there are a million ways to reuse plastic containers - and we hope to list most! Here are some ideas to start off:

5 Re-uses for Take Out Containers via apartment therapy

  • Of course the most likely way to reuse a takeout container is for food. They're great for packing lunches or taking snacks along for the day. However, the containers can become fragile when frozen so they're not ideal for freezing foods.
  • Takeout containers make excellent paint trays. They're especially handy if you need to save your paint overnight -- just snap on the lid and the paint will stay fresh until the next time you need it.
  • It seems like there are a million tiny items floating around my desk and in my junk drawer. Takeout containers can help organize small things -- staples and paper clips and stacks of sticky notes.
  • Speaking of staying organized, these plastic containers are handy for storing kids items like crayons, markers, and stickers. Hand your child a stack of takeout containers and help them organize the small stuff.
  • I have difficulty keeping all of the chargers for my various electronic devices organized. That is, I did until I started putting them in these plastic containers and labeling them. Now when I'm looking for even the most rarely used charger, I know exactly where I'll find it.
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