Dupont’s Sustainable Packaging Award Winners

Coca Cola, Heinz, Nestle and Stonyfield Farm were among winners of the 23rd DuPont Awards for Packaging Innovation, the industry's longest-running, independently judged global award program for packaging materials, technology and service innovation. More than 200 entries from around the world were judged on new developments, cost/waste reduction and improved sustainability.

Mostly all of the winning innovations reduce waste through either responsible sourcing, thoughtful package design, and end use.

Gold Winners Innovation and Sustainability or Innovation and Cost/Waste Reduction for a list, go to

Silver Winners

H.J. Heinz Co. (USA) received a silver award for its new Heinz Dip & Squeeze Ketchup package that was developed in response to consumer demand for a package that can be used for either dipping or squeezing and made eating-on-the-go easier. The Heinz Dip & Squeeze Ketchup package provides three times more ketchup than standard 9-gram sachets and uses less packaging. Shaped like the iconic glass Heinz® Ketchup bottle, Dip & Squeeze strongly reinforces the Heinz ketchup brand.

Stonyfield Farm (USA) received a silver award for its breakthrough use of PLA (polylactic acid) in a high-volume dairy application. The new form/fill/seal multipack yogurt cups are made of 93% PLA, a switch from polystyrene (HIPS), believed to be the first for the market. The PLA is made by Natureworks and results in 48 percent lower GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions vs. HIPS. Using 93% plant-based material further drives their reputation as a leader in sustainability.

The Coca-Cola Co. (Japan) received a silver award for its I Lohas mineral water PET bottle - its weight was reduced by 40%, it crushes to a very small size when empty and this smaller size reduces transport cost to the recycler and improves transportation efficiency. This PET bottle is extremely light and has the environmental benefit of using up to 30% plant-based material, reducing the petroleum-based materials.

Positive Packaging Industries Ltd. (India) received a silver award for its new approach to condiment containers for Nestle’s Maggi Arome seasoning liquid. The new thermoformed, single-use mini bottles made of flexible laminate, offers consumers in this market, convenience, ease of use and affordability. Its small size also offers easier handling and shipment.

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Make Sure Your Packaging Makes a Second Impression

"The Power of Packaging Doesn't Stop at the Store Make Sure Your Product's Vessel Makes a Brand's First (and Second) Impression" source: Ad Age, Author Steve Kazanjian

In his article, author Steve Kazanjian states that "In today's fragmented marketing environment, packaging is far more than a product's vessel; it is the physical manifestation of a brand experience and an important part of a brand promise. As such, packaging should be a critical piece of a brand's integrated communication strategy."

Considering that 100% of a brand's purchasers interact with its packaging - it is a moment for marketers to create a brand impression.

5 Tips to deliver the rich experiences consumers seek and earn their loyalty:

1. Integrate packaging into your communications strategy.

2. Design for in-home shopability. Do your products stand out in a crowded pantry or freezer?

3. Aim for the "past-purchase" list. Good packaging helps earn loyalty from online customers.

4. Package your talent. The consumer products world is littered with beautiful packaging designs that were too impractical to make, and ineffective packaging that was easy to manufacture. Striking the balance between good design and practical packaging takes a careful blend of consumer insights with marketing, manufacturing and design talent.

5. Observe. Become mindful of the subtle language of packaging. When you buy something, what about the packaging helped make that product emotionally relevant?

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Trend Alert: Take-Out Food in Take-Home Reusables

With a trend towards ethical consumerism, CuBE Plastics is meeting the needs of eco-conscious consumers with sustainable take-out containers. Designed for large restaurant operations and the merchandising sector, each container is made using less plastic; are 100% recyclable and contain no harmful toxins, but are still durable and versatile enough for end users to reuse over and over again!

Today’s consumers are actively looking for options to reduce landfill waste when they shop for food and even when ordering take-out. Providing a safe and eco-friendly plastic product is possible; CuBE’s innovation in manufacturing allows us to produce a quality solution that uses significantly less plastic. Less resources and energy are used, and the products are both recyclable and reusable.

See a product list here >>

The CuBE difference: * Food-safe o Use the highest quality, virgin food-grade plastic * Toxin-free o Contain no BPAs, phthalates or toxic additives * Made in North America/Canada/Toronto to strict FDA and CFIA guidelines * 100% Recyclable & Reusable

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